Pervasync Products

Key Features

  • Supports Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite and React Native Realm

Yes, you can now sync large number of geographically distributed local databases with a central database. For central database, we support MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. All of them are supported for local databases as well. In addition, local databases could be SQLite databases on Android, Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Most recently, We have added support of synchronization of SQLite databases in Ionic Native apps on iOS and Android. Local databases could also be Realm databases in React Native apps on iOS and Android.

  • Publish and Subscribe Model

You publish sync objects and control who can sync what. You also can specify one-way or two-way sync on a per sync table base.

  • Supports Schema Evolution

In the initial sync, the DB schema is created automatically on client. Later on, changes to the server schema are propagated to clients during synchronization.

  • Supports Data Sub-Setting

From ground up, the system is designed to support data sub-setting, so that each client can synchronize its private data as well as shared data with a central server.

  • Web-Based Admin Console

The web-based admin console makes it easy to monitor and control the server, view client sync history. In addition, it enables you do the publish-and-subscribe by pointing and clicking.

  • Built to Perform and Scale

It is easy for everybody to say this. But we really mean it.

  • Supports File Sync

A bonus. In additional to database data, you can also synchronize selected files in selected folders