Product Install

Click the following button to download Pervasync Server 8.0.3 for Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.

Try this if you can't access the above.

Unpack the zip file and you will get a folder named pervasync_server-8.0.3. Start with the README.txt file included in the folder to set up the server.

Once server is setup and running, Pervasync Clients 8.0.3 for Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite can be downloaded from the server web app start page at http://<Your Server Host>:<port>/pervasync.

Get Pervasync client for Reac Native on github: react-native-sync and react-native-sync-demo.

For detailed info on installing and using Pervasync, see Pervasync User's Guide.

Release Notes

New in version 8.0.3 (released 2/21/2019)

  • Added sync client config parameter:
  • Enlarged the Sync SQL UI text area
  • Retaining Sync Clients page sorting state when navigating away and back
  • Added bytes sent and bytes received in the sync history page
  • Added usesCleartextTraffic="true" to Android manifest file for supporting plain HTTP in API 28
  • Fixed Android DB and file browser
  • Added "SET NOCOUNT ON" to SQL Server triggers
  • Optimization: skip downloading identical files
  • Delete existing file before download
  • Fix last modified time for large files
  • Software update and restart fix for