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Why You Need Pervasync

Response time is the number one user experience issue. You do not always have fast Internet. In some situations, there is no network at all. Disregarding the speed of the network, cost is another issue. In order to reduce costs, you may want to avoid using cellular data, and use WiFi instead when available. Therefore, you need local storage and database synchronization. Pervasync is a reliable database synchronization tool for your pervasive business.

"Some problems are hard. Really hard. So hard that the slightest thought of wrestling with said problem causes cold sweats, sleepless nights and panic attacks. Data synchronization, for me, is one of those problems," wrote one of our customers, until they found Pervasync.

Pervasync Makes Database Synchronization Easy

  • Synchronizes Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite (native and Ionic) and Realm (React Native).

  • Publish and Subscribe Model. You publish sync objects and control who can sync what. You also can specify one-way or two-way sync on a per sync table base.

  • Two-phase Change Capture. No more missed changes.

  • Supports Data Sub-Setting. You use free form SQL query to define the subsets of server data to sync to clients.

  • Web-Based Admin Console. Setup and manage your sync system without writing a single line of code.

  • Supports Schema Evolution. In the initial sync, the DB schema is created automatically on client. Later on, changes to the server schema are propagated to clients during synchronization.

  • Built to Perform and Scale.

  • Supports File Sync. A bonus. In additional to database data, you can also synchronize selected files in selected folders

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