Pervasync Releases 8.0.0 on 3/22/2018!

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Pervasync grants to you an Evaluation License to use the Pervasync Software to develop application programs and to deploy application programs developed using the Pervasync Software for trial use and evaluation purposes only. All rights to the Evaluation License will terminate after a trial period of 60 days. 


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The three numbers in the version are for major, minor and patch respectively. If you stay current on your annual support contract, both minor and major revisions of the software would be available free of additional charges. Without a support contract, you are entitled to free upgrades to patch revisions only. You will also receive technical support but customers with support contract are treated with higher priority. For annual support fee, contact 


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New in version 8.0.0 (released 3/22/2018)

  • New Feature: Support Realm sync for React Native apps
  • Set mysql transaction isolation level from default "REPEATABLE READ" to "READ COMMITTED". The former could cause dropping client side changes due to in-consistency.
  • Added configuration option: pervasync.client.allow.altering.tables

New in version 7.0.3 (released 11/12/2017)

  • New Enhancement: Two-phase processing of sync files in Sync engine to decrease locking time. 
  • New Enhancement: Sort sync schemas and folders by name during refresh.
  • New Enhancement: Folder processor would skip sub folders that don't match folder prefixes
  • Bug Fix: Android Sqlite decimal truncation (to 7 digits) issue. Use getDouble() instead of getString() when retrieving from DB.
  • New Enhancement: Prevent multiple sync agent sessions from happening at the same time.
  • New Enhancement: Android “reset” operation will be followed with a “setup” unless sync conf parameter "" is set to false. 

New in version 7.0.2 (released 4/20/2017)

  • Optimized DML order to better support referential constraints. New order: from parent to child, each table U followed by I; from child to parent, each table D.
  • Fixed slow query to improve sync engine performance with large amount of sync files.
  • Added MySQL config parameter: pervasync.foreign.key.checks.disabled. When set to true, foreign key checks are disabled during sync.

    New in version 7.0.1 (released 5/30/2016)

    • New Enhancement: Email notification now supports SSL and authentication
    • New Enhancement: Added schemas and folder to SyncClient.synchronize()
    • New Enhancement: Support escaped (quoted) keywords for column names
    • Bug Fix: Android shared connection bug. java.lang.IllegalStateException:  attempt to re-open an already-closed object
    • Bug Fix: Place holder lob files were marked deleted
    • Bug Fix: Row values were not logged (for debugging) with the CheckIn 
    • exception in certain cases.
    • Bug Fix: "Property file entries must start with # or contain a = sign" error.

    New in version 7.0.0 (released 7/12/2015)

    • New Feature: Support Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF)
    • New Feature: Enforce one table can only belong to one sync schema
    • Bug fix: NullPointerException when accessing Pervasync Web Admin Console in Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11). 
    • Bug fix: NullPointerException when running Pervasync in Tomcat 8.  
    • Upgraded to Apache Trinidad 2.1.1.
    • Bug fix: Empty files causing exception: "File exists on server but has not been processed by sync engine"

    Release Notes for Previous Versions